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Time to update these ads a bit. I live in AZ city, my incall is in AZ city. I also do outcall occasionally with a 50% deposit and a 2 hour minimum, occasionally if it’s close maybe one hour. I offer a 10% discount to all gentlemen who read my ad prior to calling me! (Mention this) I am right leaning, I occasionally see liberals but the price is double! Sometimes I require deposits, sometimes I don’t. I get prank called all day, so if you want me to take you seriously pay the deposit and please don’t give me a hard time. If you are uncomfortable uploading information and or paying a deposit please feel free to call someone else. My safety and discretion is important when inviting strange men into my home! Where I live! LOL some of y’all are unreal when contacting me. Now if you’re ready to schedule after reading all that please contact me!! I really am quite cheerful. Please go to my twitter and there are tons of links and information on there DateJulieB 

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